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Feminist Philosophies

Feminist philosophy is a rich and varied discipline. While there are a million directions this course could explore, this semester the overarching theme for the course is Oppression, Solidarity, and Resistance.


We begin by examining theories of oppression, both to understand what is at stake in, and why we need, feminist theory. We pay special attention to histories of inclusion and exclusion in feminist theory and practice. We explore movements for social justice, and the difference between allyship and solidarity. Next, we turn to feminist epistemology and feminist philosophy of language to exam practices of silencing, exclusion, and gaslighting. Finally, we’ll look at the powerful tools we have to enact change as we go forward. Throughout, we will attend to how the ideas raised in feminist philosophies impact the lived reality of our daily lives.

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Dates offered

This course is offered every Fall at Illinois State University.

  • Fall 2021, Illinois State University

  • Fall 2020, Illinois State University

  • Fall 2019, Illinois State University

  • Fall 2018, Illinois State University

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